Most Valuable Possessions is pleased to offer complimentary video documentation of homes, personal contents, and businesses to clients of Momentous Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

Our audio/visual virtual tour is usually done in a one-hour continuous shot. The video will not be edited and is shot in HD to allow the ability to freeze frame at any given point. This is especially helpful when viewing multiple items in a frame, such as books. The exterior portion includes structures, yard, pool, and landscaping. Upon request, we can videotape jewelry (supervision by owner or designee is expected), antique automobiles, or other collections. This is your video; we will follow specific requests to include/exclude and/or devote more time to specific items.

Two DVDs of the virtual tour will be provided to your designees within one week. The video is a gift to you; Momentous does not keep a copy on file. Should you have a claim, this video would be provided by you to the insurance company. This service will NOT take the place of an appraisal, but will serve as a tool for purposes of recall, and to a certain degree, proof of ownership in the event of a catastrophe. Please keep the DVDs in a safe and secure place away from the videotaped location.

Our professional videographer is trustworthy, prompt, courteous, discreet and respectful of residents’ privacy. Confidentiality agreements are gladly signed.